Web 3.0 startuje ve vašem mobilu

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Everyone has an opinion on Web 3.0 lately. Personally, I think they are all wrong. And while I won’t profess to carry the official definition of Web 3.0 (personally, i think the definitions are stupid and misguided) I’ll tell you what I think the future of the web holds.

Web 3.0 will be a mobile web revolution.

At lunch today with coworkers we had this discussion. I said I thought Web 3.0 would be all about mobile, social networking. But upon further reflection I realized that in the past, the different iterations of the "web" were about technology and delivery, not content.

This is where I think people get it wrong. To me, Web 2.0 is about interactive, self updating web pages using AJAX. It is about building web applications and services that run in-line on the page, don’t require reloads and the pushing of information to the web visitor.

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