Záložka Google OS pro vaši stránku iGoogle

Záložky v iGoogle můžete nyní i sdílet, tuhle zajímavou nabízí Google Operating System.

yourminis.com: flashová personalizovaná stránka

Překvapivě pracuje svižně i na slabším počítači, ale stále mě podobné front-endy připadají jako školní cvičení...


Top 10 Free E-books For Bloggers

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Web 3.0 startuje ve vašem mobilu

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Everyone has an opinion on Web 3.0 lately. Personally, I think they are all wrong. And while I won’t profess to carry the official definition of Web 3.0 (personally, i think the definitions are stupid and misguided) I’ll tell you what I think the future of the web holds.

Web 3.0 will be a mobile web revolution.

At lunch today with coworkers we had this discussion. I said I thought Web 3.0 would be all about mobile, social networking. But upon further reflection I realized that in the past, the different iterations of the "web" were about technology and delivery, not content.

This is where I think people get it wrong. To me, Web 2.0 is about interactive, self updating web pages using AJAX. It is about building web applications and services that run in-line on the page, don’t require reloads and the pushing of information to the web visitor.

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S čím na Massively Multiplayer Online Role Play Game (MMORPG)

SimVentive "This is a software toolset that enables designers of instructional ("serious") games to create training simulations and to define the behavior of characters and objects that populate those simulations, all without programming."

Realm Crafter "This game engine allows you to design, create and publish your very own MMORPG game.

Torque Game Engine "Torque Technologies line of game development tools and resources to make game programming a reality for game developers of all experience levels. Whether you are a beginning game developer or have plenty of game development experience, Torque has a solution for everyone."

Adobe Captivate If you want to create branching scenarios, Captivate is a quick and simple tool.
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