E-Mail, Forums, IM, Miniblogging - jde ve všem o totéž?

The launch of Pownce and the big response it received from bloggers and users alike was so full of different explanations and definitions of this new tool that it’s safe to say that no one actually knows what it is.

This is a classic case of forest obscuring the proverbial trees. Let’s take a step back and look what these services do and what are their main characteristics. They’re obviously all about communication. This communication can be:

1) one to one
2) one to many
3) many to many

Furthermore, it can happen in:

a) real time
b) with a delay

And finally, it can be:

x) permanent (which means the same conversation can always be found)
y) temporary (which means that although the contents of the communication might be logged, it’s not directly reachable in a fixed place)

By this categorization, instant messaging would be 1ay; e-mail is 1bx, but it can also be 2bx or 3bx, while blogs and all its varieties - tumblelogs, miniblogs - pretty much fall into the 2bx category.

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