Otevřený dopis Nicholasi Negroponte: Jde o vzdělání ne o laptopy

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Education, Not Laptops

Stop calling OLPC a project or initiative. It is no longer a short-term project but a global movement. OLPC should change its business model to reflect this. It should become the Learning Innovations organization. Do the R&D on kids, education, and technology that Everex, Asus, and Intel can't or won't do.

Killer App for Education

I firmly believe that every device and technology needs a "killer app," that is a tool so effective that most people can't remember how they lived without it. The killer app for the PC was e-mail. For some people, Skype was the killer app that made them choose broadband Internet. Laptops lack a killer app for education.

I can name that killer app for the XO right now, English literacy. If kids and adults can consistently use a laptop to learn English, laptops will forever become a standard part of education.

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