Američtí žáci mají příliš pomalé připojení?!

Americký eSchool News v článku Study: U.S. lags in 'net speed upozorňuje na výsledky studie Communications Workers of America, podle které se USA propadly až na 16. místo na světě v hodnocení vysokorychlostního připojení. Některé údaje jsou z českého pohledu skoro směšné...
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Iowans, for example, have a median download speed of 1.26 megabits. That's not terrible considering the national average is 1.97--but it's far behind the jackrabbit-like speed of Rhode Island, the fastest state, with 5.01 megabits. But even Rhode Island pales in comparison to countries such as Canada, with 7.60 megabits, or Japan, fastest in the world at 61 megabits.

"People in Japan can download an entire movie in just two minutes, but it can take two hours or more in the United States," the report says. "Yet, people in Japan pay the same as we do in the U.S. for their internet connection."

"Why does speed matter?" the report asks. "Speed defines what is possible on the internet. It determines whether we will have the 21st-century networks we need to grow jobs and our economy, and whether we will be able to support innovations in telemedicine, education, public safety, and public services to improve our lives and communities."

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